How To Give Yourself A Perfect Manicure Part 1

Hands are the most important part of our body. A perfect look requires a perfect and healthy outlook of hands also. Since we perform most of our daily work with hands, so they require a special attention. Most people forget about taking care of their hands unlike their face. This negligence causes the hands to

5 Ways to have an Acne Free Skin

A clear and an acne free skin has always been one of the greatest wishes of one’s life. Everyone wants to look beautiful and charming, and that is possible only if you have a clear and fresh skin. But how can we have a smooth and bright skin that appears attractive and striking at the

5 Reasons You Don’t Have Acne Free & Clear Skin

Summers always present us the most favorable time to get our beauty schedule in top-notch shape. But who can keep track of all the things that can cause acne and are the major reasons behind the bad skin. Well, here I have gathered all the guilty parties for your general and widespread beauty headaches and

How To Do Party Makeup – Easy Tutorial

It is a wish of every woman to look pretty and best. And when it comes to parties, every girl wants to surpass the others in appearance and wants to look perfect. A perfect party look demands good choice in dress, shoes, handbags and jewelery etc. But the most important thing is the party makeup

How to Get Best Anti Dandruff Shampoo Results!

It has always been very much irritating and annoying for a girl to have dandruff and often took a while to put it under control. It is always very frustrating to have dandruff, because a girl doesn’t want to be picked on in a work place, university or at school. 50% of all are affected by

Secret to Healthy and Shiny Hair

There is an old saying “A woman’s hair is her crowning glory” that is very much appropriate and correct. We all know the importance of woman’s hair to her. It reflects her beauty, it represents the gorgeousness of a women. A woman’s hair is the most important and a significant aspect of the physical attractiveness

How to Choose the Perfect Red Lipstick for you

Red color is the color of zeal and passion.It is the color of affection and devotion.It is undoubtedly the most attractive color around and when painted on the lips it is ebullient. Red lips symbolize a beautiful fashion statement but choosing the correct red lipstick is intimidating most of the times. But, worry no more

25+ Amazing and Attractive Eye liner Styles

Eyes are the most beautiful part of human body. If someone wants to beautify itself,  they need to beautify the look of their eyes. Hundreds of accessories are available for creating the look of the eyes, eye liner of which is the most prominent. It has been used since a long time for multiple purposes